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Includes 176 Photographs of 19th Century N. California!

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There's a TV commercial about kids and drugs. It says something like "40% of the kids using drugs live in an urban environment.... guess where the others live". 

Your family is certainly not protected from all negative elements when living here, although the reduction in population density means that there are fewer people that are prone to causing trouble. And, as I've said before, it's the people, not the animals, who cause problems... here and in the city.

There are some very different aspects for family life here though. Here are some examples...

  • The nearest grocery store could be 15 miles or more from your home (and where we live, the roads are so windy that 15 miles translates to 30 minutes)
  • Day care... well I don't know of any out here, but I'll check with others with kids. It'll be a drive, where ever they are located.
  • Kids activities -- the high-school is 45 minutes away from us. That means kids are up early, home late and any after school activities either take a lot of driving from mom and dad, or you have to find a friend or neighbor to help. And, the law of averages says your kids' best friend will live on the other side of the school district -- 45 minutes in the other direction.
  • Dressing up -- that's a clean tee shirt and jeans or warm-ups with no holes in them.
  • Your family and friends will think you are a thousand miles away and rarely come visit (that might be good 8-)


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