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Includes 176 Photographs of 19th Century N. California!

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Lifestyles of the Not So Rich & Famous 

Living On a Mining Claim - a pictorial tour
Upstairs Downstairs  Outside

Do you have a unique lifestyle you think would make a good feature? Do you have exceptional landscaping or gardens? Contact us - we'd like to hear from you.. 

The lifestyles here in the country run the gambit from some old and trashy places to some multi-million dollar estates like the 37,000 square foot home being built in the area by a movie star. Unfortunately the rich and famous don't invite us over much, so this will deal with the "not so rich & famous" instead. 

In this section we'll endeavor to show you how to make YOUR lifestyle work for you by showing you lots of options others have used. Odds are, some of these will help you figure out how to work with your surroundings and within whatever budget you have, to create a country lifestyle to your liking.

This section will be updated frequently as we get new images and information, so check back often.

For now, here's a small photo tour of parts of Pilot Hill. For security reasons for all those involved, we won't provide addresses, maps or specific locations. 

This section will change often, so keep checking back. Here are some topics that are coming...

From barn to house in 60 days...

Outdoor fires that are safe all year long create a great atmosphere for entertaining.

Coming soon...

The "social circle"

Rubba dub dub, who's in the tub?

Transforming the untamed into wildlife & people friendly walks.

Entertaining -- from warm ups to black tie

The Country Gourmet - 




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